Tuesday Walks

These restart in May, From the Insitute at 2pm.

From our central location we can head off to each point of the compass to find sites of interest in our county town. 

2nd July: Stroll With A 100yr Old Guide
Promoting a town as a destination for visitors is not a new idea - and
Ipswich is no exception. On this walk we will look at some of the
reasons to visit that were highlighted in tourist brochures
promoting the town a century ago.

9th July: Victims and Martyrs
This tour includes sites associated with conflict, but also with
illness; prejudice and political quarrels. Some of our most serene
buildings have tragic backgrounds.

16th July: Rags And Bones
A walk to honour the memory of author Frank Grace and to explore
the Fore St area that he wrote about in his popular book ‘Rags and

23rd July: Theatres, Cinemas And Halls.
We will tell the stories of entertainment venues, past and present,
which have provided entertainment for the people of the town since
the late 16th century. Find out where they were, what went on and
how long they survived.

30th July: Myth,Mystery And Murder
A walk to explore parts of the town connected with some Ipswich
legends & mysteries. Did a King hide here? Is that where Wolsey
was born? Was that building formerly a station on the Ipswich