05/07/22 Things About Ipswich You Can't Live Without Knowing
Join us for look a look at some of the key (and some of the quirky) events
and happenings in Ipswich’s 1500 year history. Discover the “New” Town
Hall (and a few of the issues with the old one), the granting of the town’s
first Royal Charter, why Ipswich butchers were fined a shilling, what
John Shave was offering for sale in his Buttermarket shop in 1781 and
much, much more.

12/07/22 The Magnificent Seven Writers of Ipswich.
Ipswich has been home to many excellent writers. This walk will consider
the homes, the lives and the writing of seven of them. Writers from the
14th to the 20th century who made the centre of town their home.

19/07/22 Victims and Martyrs  
We have had our fair share of strife in the town, related to politics,
religion and sometimes ignorance. There are various sites where we can
remember people who were caught up in conflicts which had national
origins but caused local suffering.

26/07/22 Ipswich Theatres and Halls 
This walk will take you from the 15th century to the present. Hear about
venues and some of the characters and personalities and the
entertainment enjoyed by the people. A nostalgic look back for some.


02/08/22 Mayhem Murder and Mystery 
Ipswich can be a turbulent town ! Come on this walk to hear tales of riot
and rebellion, and 'Murder most foul, strange and unnatural'. We'll also
try to discover the facts behind some intriguing mysteries unsolved to
this day.


09/08/22 I Never Noticed That Before 
A leisurely walk exploring the fascinating features of Ipswich’s historic
town centre, from dates to decorative details, hidden doorways and
stunning statues. There are bound to be some things that you’ve never
noticed before.


16/08/22 The Story of Education in Ipswich 
A time travelling walk to look at buildings and places of learning from the
present day back to Tudor times. Hear about today’s ‘Education Quarter’
of Suffolk College and University of Suffolk, 18th& 19thcentury charity
schools for ‘deserving and undeserving poor’, Wolsey's attempt to rival
Eton College, and a Board School built after the 1870’s Education Act
provided elementary education for all.

23/08/22 'Why is Ipswich like an Old Boot?' 
Runs an ancient joke. ‘Because it’s Cobbold all over,’ was the reply. Come
on this walk to learn about the Cobbold family, their brewing business
and their many contributions to the life of Ipswich.

30/08/22 Ipswich Cinemas
This walk will chart the history of Cinema in the town from 1909 to the
present day. Hear about venues, the openings and closures. The
successes, failures and disasters. We will cover all 13 venues that
operated Cinema for the town . A walk down memory lane for some.

06/09/22 Coprolite To Corn
Discover what coprolite really is, and how wheat and barley once made
this town wealthy. Hear about the firms who milled malted brewed and
made the machinery to produce our daily bread and a well earned pot of

13/09/22 The Priories and Friars of Ipswich.
The first Priories in Ipswich were the two great houses of St Peter and
St Paul, and Holy Trinity, established in the 12th century. The Friars
began to arrive in the 13th century, eventually constructing three
houses. On this walk we will examine the sites that they developed and
the impact that they had on Ipswich.

20/09/22 Heroines, Heroes, Cads and Scoundrels.
A tale of the brave women who defied society to achieve their
ambitions, and the courageous military men of Ipswich. Unsavoury
stories of confidence tricksters who preyed on the innocent, and the
villains who made their living stealing from their neighbours.

27/09/22 Ipswich Medics
Stroll around sites associated with inspirational Ipswich medical men and
women, and their pioneering advances. Hear about our Ipswich Nobel
Laureate, and our first female doctor, and others who helped in the fight
smallpox and gout.