June 1st @ 2pm ( Saturday ) From Town Hall

The Life And Times Of Thomas Wolsey

Discover what Ipswich was really like in late medieval times. Visit the places associated with Wolsey’s early life in the town, discover his later plans to establish a great college here, and to make Ipswich his home once again.

NB all these Wolsey 550 walks begin from the Town Hall Steps.

June 9th @  2pm ( Sunday )

Our Glorious Medieval Churches 

Ipswich was a major religious centre during the Middle Ages. Follow in the footsteps of the pilgrims to visit some of the town’s wonderful medieval churches, as we look at the life of our great churchman, Thomas Wolsey.

June 15th @ 2pm ( Saturday )

 Ipswich In The Middle Ages 

Come and join us on this walk to discover Ipswich and its medieval buildings, both religious and secular, and to hear tales of colourful characters and dramatic events that shaped the town during this prosperous period.

June 23rd  @ 2pm  (Sunday )  

Thomas Wolsey, The Man Behind The King

He was born in Ipswich, and achieved the highest office in Church & State in the service of Henry VIII. Discover the places he knew as a boy, and his plans to make Ipswich his home once again, until his master turned against him and engineered his downfall.