Thursday walks

Our regular  Thursday walks restart on 2nd of May 2024, meeting at the Institute at 2pm.

Thursday 2nd May: Beautiful Buildings
Ipswich has over 600 listed buildings with a few of them described
by English Heritage as the best in the country. This walk will
explore this wonderful architectural heritage from timber framed
Tudor houses and grandiose Victorian buildings to a world famous
modern icon.

Thursday 9th May:Westside Story
Come & join us on a stroll to the West of Ipswich to discover the
mysteries of the Ipswich Shrine, why a strange name was give to a
sculpture & our association with Nettuno in Italy, these are just a
few of the things you will discover on this walk.

Thursday 16th May: The Heart Of Ipswich
A walk around the centre of town to see some of the finest
buildings in Ipswich, including the beautiful Unitarian Meeting
House, and the spectacular Ancient House. Along the way
hear tales of some of the town’s famous residents including Lord
Nelson and Charles Dickens.

Thursday 23rd May: Miracles And Museums
Travel through history on a walk following in the footsteps of
Henry VIII & Catherine of Aragon to the Shrine of Our Lady of
Ipswich, then leap forward four centuries to meet inspirational
people connected with the founding of a museum in Ipswich
including Charles Darwin and Professor Henslow.

Thursday 30th May: Name Dropping
Ipswich has been the home - or inspiration - for many
entrepreneurs, adventurers, entertainers and characters. Join with
us to discover some of these - famous, infamous, or just plain "good
eggs" who have made their mark on the town

Thursday 6th June: Waterfront East
Take a walk where you will discover the location of the Masters
House, the Faculties, Medieval Churches, how the Last Anchor got
its name & wonder up Fore Street & unearth some of Ipswich's rich

Thursday 20th June: Marching With The Saints
Head down to the waterfront on an ancient processional route
passing some of our finest churches.

Thursday 27th June: The Waterfront
This walk will head straight to the Waterfront. Hear how, what was
a busy industrial port, has been developed into today's much
admired and vibrant location. How Commerce, Education, Leisure
and Residential now dominate the area.
This walk will end at the Waterfront.

Thursday 4th July: Introducing Ipswich
A beginner’s guide to the heart of Ipswich – its historic buildings,
local personalities and some famous visitors to the town