Come for a themed walk around Ipswich and finish off with Tea and a cake at the Institute or one of the many cafes in town. 

  • Walks usually start from the Ipswich Institute, at 13 Tower St,  IP1 3BE 
  • and will begin at 1 30pm.

15/11/2023 Ipswich Medics

Epidemics aren't always unexpected! In 19th Century
Ipswich they were guaranteed to break out every year! And
they were described by the Borough's public health doctor.
Other Ipswich medics made breakthroughs in arthritis and
received a Nobel prize. They plied their trade with
everybody else in the middle of the town.

22/11/2023 Tales of the Secret Seven

Ipswich has been home to a number of famous authors, but
for some their connection with the town is often ignored.
This walk will explore their links to Ipswich, and consider
some of their writing, from ancient to modern.

06/12/2023 Tudor Ipswich

This walk will take you to some of the towns best preserved
Tudor buildings. Hear how the people lived and worked and
the colourful characters and wealthy merchants who shaped
and gave to the towns people Also how the English
reformation affected the town.

10/01/2024 Street Art

Join us on a wander of discovery, find out how pieces of art,
old and new, got their names and their history. There is a
good chance that there will be pieces that you have regularly
passed by and never noticed!

22/01/2024 The Other Secret Diary of Gippeswyk, Aged 1500 3/4

A look at some of the key (and some of the quirky) events
and happenings in Ipswich month by month. Including the
opening of the “New” Town Hall a notorious “lock in” protest
by suffragettes, the establishment of a Tudor Refuse
collection service, and the granting of the town’s first Royal

07/02/2024 Take Tea With Mr Dickens

"Ipswich not only promises to be curious, but the promise is
honourably kept." This walk on Dickens' birthday will follow
his steps round the town, and explore some of the
curiosities that he enjoyed.

20/02/2024 Queen Victoria Was Not Amused
When Prince Albert visited Ipswich he was so impressed
that he wouldn’t stop talking about it – much to the
annoyance of Queen Victoria! This walk explores some areas
visited by the Prince in 1851, and investigates Ipswich’s
place at the forefront of scientific developments of the day.

05/03/2024 Spot The Difference!
Is that building really as old as it looks ? How can we tell ?
Follow the clues to reveal a fake Medieval Church, a
questionable timber framed Grade 1 listed building. Is that
really a Georgian House, or does something else lurk
beneath ? And why did Victorian architects love to imitate
the Greeks and Romans ?

22/03/2024 Christchurch Park
Come and discover a new side to this lovely open space. Enjoy
the wildlife and the landscape, and hear about the
personalities who have shaped the park down the centuries.

02/04/2024 The Victorian Dock
This walk will look at how the port recovered from its
decline in the 18th century into a thriving dock. Hear about
the Industry, growth and trade. The impact of the arrival of
the railways and the subsequent changes that bring us to
where we are today.

16/04/2024 They came, They Saw, They Stayed Here.
The story of immigration to Ipswich from earliest times to
the 21st Century. Some came to Conquer, some to find safety
or Religious freedom, and some to seek a better life.

26/04/2024 A Tudor Walk From Town To Countryside.
Do you dare to venture outside the North gate through the
old town ramparts to hear about Tudor bad boy Edmund
Withipoll, builder of Christchurch Mansion? Before
leaving the safety of the defended medieval town there's &
a chance to admire a magnificent church and a fine 15th
century gatehouse.